Parent Testimonials

May 8, 2018


Good Morning Teachers,


Now that I have an 8th grader, it looks like my family has had every teacher in the school in one way or another.  Since this is Teacher Appreciation week, I felt it important to say a huge thanks to you all.  


Sometimes when I am watching Jeopardy and one of my kids yells out an answer -- and is CORRECT, I know that I never taught them that.  Other times we'll be driving along and hear a news blurb on the radio about the rain forest. One of my children from the back seat starts telling me a detailed story about climate change.  I'll ask where they got that and they'll answer, "I learned that in 5th grade".  What an impact you have had on so many lives over the years!  


It doesn't stop there.   Not only do you have a curriculum to work through, you are the "moms" of the school day.  You are also there for the "I don't feel good" days, for the "my shoelace is in a knot" times, the blank stare when you ask them why they did something, the "5th time I have talked to him/her about behavior and now I want to give up" times, and on and on . . .  I am sure most of these "issues" were not taught when you were in College for teaching!  But I know that you show these children who are not your own patience and compassion!  I don't know how you do it!!!!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching my children countless things that I would have never been able to teach.  Thank you for treating my kids with compassion and love throughout the years. Thank you for teaching my kids by setting great examples of kindness and respect though your actions.  You are such amazing role models and I am so blessed that my children have been able to call you all their teachers!


With the greatest admiration,


Sandi Grenier

Ryan & Drew Grenier's mom