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Confirmation is one of the sacraments of Christian Initiation. It strengthens baptismal grace. Its effects are as follows:

  1. it increases the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in us;

  2. it roots us more deeply in our divine adoption;

  3. it perfects our bond with the Church;

  4. it marks us with an indelible seal; and

  5. it gives us a special strength to spread the faith, defend the faith, and not be ashamed of the cross. 


In summary, Confirmation is our own personal Pentecost and strengthens us to fulfill our call to live and spread the Gospel. For another beautiful description of the Sacrament please click here.



A person must first have received baptism before he or she may receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. In the Archdiocese of Boston, and at our Parish, Preparation for Confirmation usually begins in the 9th Grade.



In addition to a completed registration and the $100 tuition fee, families must also provide the following information:

  1. Long Form of Baptismal Certificate (with parish’s seal)

  2. Candidate’s Sponsor (the sooner the better)

  3. Candidate’s Confirmation Name (if applicable)

  4. Candidate’s height in feet and inches.



If the candidate was baptized or received first communion at St. Lucy's you do not need to supply this information. If the candidate was not baptized or did not receive first Holy Communion at St. Lucy's, please contact the parish where the candidate was baptized and ask them to send the Long Form of the Baptism Certificate to:

               att: Confirmation Preparation

               St. Lucy Parish

               254 Merrimack St.

               Methuen, MA 01844



Candidates for Confirmation are asked to select a sponsor.

  1. A sponsor must be a confirmed (and therefore baptized) member of the Catholic faith living a life in harmony with the Catholic Church.

  2. If possible, the sponsor should be one of the godparents of the candidate (Code of Canon Law, Canons 874 & 893).

  3. If one of the candidate’s godparents is unavailable to serve as the sponsor, then the sponsor should be chosen with the following considerations in mind: (a) the sponsor ought to be a living witness to the Catholic faith through regular participation in the sacramental life of the Church; (b) the sponsor should have an ongoing, caring relationship with the candidate, not only during the Confirmation preparation process, but also after the reception of the sacrament.

  4. A parent may not serve as a sponsor for his or her child in the sacrament of confirmation.



It has long been a custom in the Church for those who begin a new apostolate or way of life in the Church to receive a new name.  This custom continues today for all candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 


The name should be the name of a saint whom the candidate admires and wishes to emulate or the name of a Christian mystery or virtue which the candidate wishes to acquire or practice with special devotion (For example, Joseph, Mary, Anthony, Paul, Patrick, Francis, Mercy, Faith, Charity, Hope, or Grace, etc.)

Some resources for researching the lives of saints are offered here:


For more information, please email Karl Jackson at


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